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Should you use OpenID or other website’s services (facebook, twitter) for website login?

Recently I was developing a website where the owner was interested in use OpenID for their user to login with. Now there are many positive reasons to use an OpenID login, but before jumping into development I conducted research into the pros and cons of such a login method. In the end we decided not to use OpenID for it appeared to be a nightmare.

In short. I personally would ‘almost’ never opt to using OpenID or other similar login services from other website as a login system for my site.

‘Almost never’? I hear you say. We’ll it does have some advantages but in short I would not use it. Unless there was a significant advantage to use it. Such as accessing a users facebook friend list.

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My new blog site!!!


Hi and welcome to my new blog. I’ve decided to create this blog to start sharing my knowledge and ideas as well as storing them for future reference. Providing me with a central storage of information from my findings and research that I can share with others.

I’ve been building websites for around 15 years, and as you can imagine, in that time I have overcome many issues in a variety of situations massing an immense amount of knowledge on the subject. I have been formally trained a university, have tutored and been a teacher in programming and website development. All this among many years of development for various businesses/clients. With the ever advancing nature of technology there are always new challengers and problems to be solved and never a shortage of information to be shared.

So I hope you enjoy the information that will be contained within. Please feel free to comment, like, contact, etc. All that wonderful social and interactive internet magic.